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Browse our full selection of Wilson cell phone signal booster power supplies and chargers.
DC/DC Vehicle Power Adapter 6V
DC/DC Vehicle Power Adapter 6V/2A with DC Jack. Compatible with the Drive 4G-X, Drive 4G-X OTR, and Drive 4G-M
DC Hardwire Power Supply 6V/2A
12V DC to 6V DC 2A, Hardwire DC Jack.
12V DC Fused Hardwire Power Supply
12V DC Fused Hardwire Power Supply w/ 2.5 mm DC Plug. Compatible with the Drive 4G-X RV and Drive 4G-X Fleet
Wilson ACDC 6V Building & Mobile Signal Booster Power Supply
120V AC to 6V DC 2.5A, DC Jack, works with 6V boosters. Plugs into standard wall outlet. Replacement part: 850011
12V/3.3A DC/DC Power Adapter
12V DC to 12V DC 3.3A, DC Jack.
5V AC/DC Building Power Supply
120V AC to 5V DC 2.5A, Mini USB Jack.
AC/DC Power Supply 12V/3A | 850010
AC/DC 12 3A 2.5 x 5.5 x 11mm DC Plug w/ 6ft Cable. Compatible with the Connect 4G-X
AC/DC Power Supply 5V/4A
Packaged AC/DC Power Supply 5V, 4A w/ 2.5 mm x 5.5 mm x 11 mm DC Larger Plug. Compatible with the Home 4G, Connect 4G, and Connect...
AC/DC Power Supply 6V/2.5A
Packaged AC/DC 6V 2.5A, 15W Switching Type 2.5mm x 5.5mm x 11. DC Larger Plug. Compatible with the Drive 4G-X RV Replaced Power ...
DC Hardwire Power Supply 12V/3A
12V DC 3A, Hardwire w/DC Jack. Compatible with the Drive 4G-X
DC Hardwire Power Supply 5V/1A
12V DC to 5V DC 1A, DC Jack.
DC/DC 5V/4A DC Plug
DC/DC 5V/4A DC Plug power supply. 30W switching type plug w/ cable. This is only for use with the Drive Reach cell signal booster.
DC/DC Hardwire Power Supply 5V/4A 12-24VDC
DC/DC Hardwire Power Supply 5V/4A 12-24VDC w/11.5 ft. cable for Drive Reach Fleet cellular signal booster. Includes 30W switching ...
DC/DC Power Supply 5.5V/2A
DC/DC Power Supply 5.5V/2A with 5ft USB to 2.55mm Jack
DC/DC Power Supply 5.5V/2A
DC/DC Power Supply 5.5V/2A with 5ft USB to 2.55mm Jack.   
DC/DC Power Supply 5V/3A
12V DC to 5.5V DC 3A, Mini USB w/ USB-A cable. This power supply currently replaces the 859910 DC Power Supply.
DC/DC Vehicle Power Adapter 12V | 859983
12V DC to 12V DC 2A, DC Jack, works with 12V amplifiers only.

Works on every network, on any carrier.