4 of the Best Cities to See 4th of July Fireworks

weBoost | July 3, 2012

The 4th of July is tomorrow! This is one of my favorite holidays, and not just because of all the fireworks. The 4thof July is the day we celebrate our independence! It is usually celebrated with all things summer—fireworks, parades, music, BBQs, lemonade, family, friends, and fun.

So, in celebration of the holiday, here are my top 4 picks of where in the USA you can enjoy the best 4th of July Independence Day firework celebration!

1. Washington, D.C.—There is nothing like being in the Nation’s capitol for Independence day! Watch the fireworks from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, or spread out at Potamic Park and have a picnic while you watch the fireworks. This 20 min firework extravaganza shoots 66,000 pounds of fireworks! Like most urban jungles, DC is full of dead spots. Have a Wilson booster to avoid dropping calls.

2. New York, NY—There is nothing quite like the grand city of Manhattan! Pair it with some magical summer fireworks? Bam! You’ve got a recipe for awesome. On the other hand, New York City is notorious for poor cell phone signal. With almost 2 million people coming out for the firework show, make sure and have a Wilson booster handy so you can stay connected!

Photo: NYDailyNews.com

3. St. Louis, MO—Each year around half a million people gather to St. Louis on the 4th of July just to check out the spectacular firework show! The 20 min presentation is sometimes compared to a 3-D laser show because of how the fireworks reflect on the nearby cityscape. As far as cell phone reception goes in downtown St. Louis, a Wilson booster is a must have.

Photo: OldDogPhotography.com

4. Lake Tahoe, CA—Lake Tahoe has got it going on with their firework celebration! Fireworks are shot from the middle of the lake and reflected over the gorgeous water for all to see. What makes this firework presentation even cooler? You could watch the show from a boat with your Sleek signal booster in tow! View our full selection of boat signal boosters.

Photo: Hamosphere, Flickr

So, while you are checking out the fireworks tomorrow, remember to stay safe and have fun, no matter where you are celebrating.

If you want to read more about spectacular firework celebrations around the USA, click here. Also, leave us a comment below or on Facebook/Twitter letting us know where you’re going to be celebrating the 4th of July this year!