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Can you put the external antenna in an attic?

Nicholas Jones | March 24, 2015

It’s Tuesday and that means it’s time for a weBoost tech tip.

Often times people contact us with questions on how to point their antenna, asking where their tower is or where to put their antenna in general. We are able to help in all of these situations. The first thing many people don’t know is that signal can be measured numerically, as decibels (or dBm). This measurement shows us a few things: 1. How weak or strong the signal may be; 2. Where the best signal is pooling at your home; and 3. If the signal is strong enough for our boosters to operate with. We also use this measurement to help with inside and outside antenna placement for the home or building.

Another question that comes up often is if you can put the external antenna in an attic. The answer to this is a bit more complicated. Yes you can place the external antenna in an attic, but it’s not always beneficial. Many times we see signal in the attic being just as poor as what is coming into the home. There are many reasons that signal may not be able to get inside, including the construction and layout of the building. The other issue you might encounter with an attic placement is inadequate separation between external and internal antennas. If at all possible, we want to get that external antenna outside for optimal results.

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