App Spotlight–Promise Tracker App

weBoost | September 30, 2014

As you might imagine, we are big fans of apps around here, and are always on the lookout for the next cool thing that will make our lives a little easier and a little more fun. But we recently stumbled across something that could make our lives better.

Check out this story on CNN Money about a new app called Promise Tracker: Basically, it gives people a way to stay involved in civic matters after the polls have closed. You can keep track of whether or not an elected official is keeping campaign promises, and can send alerts about issues you see in your community. For example, if there is a dangerous pothole in your neighborhood, you can upload a photo and the coordinates to the Promise Tracker website so politicians can see firsthand what is going on with the people they represent and what issues need to be addressed. Pretty cool, right?

Don’t get us wrong, we love our time-wasting apps, and there will always be room for them in our lives and on our always-connected phones. But it got us to thinking: What would we create if we were able to make an app that contributed to the greater good? What would you do? We want to hear from you, so share your ideas in our comments section.