August Tech Tip

weBoost | August 6, 2013

Welcome to our monthly tech tip post!

This month we’re answering a common question we receive in Tech Support all the time. What is this question you ask? Keep reading to see–

Q. I have installed your system, but am not getting the coverage in my home/building I expected/desired.  What can I do to improve the coverage area?

A. Generally, a lack of coverage stems from low outside signal.  The way that signal boosters work can be compared to a megaphone – if you whisper into a megaphone, you will hear it a few feet away; however, if you yell into the megaphone, you will hear it much further away.  Cell signal boosters operate similarly – the stronger the outside signal, the more coverage will be provided.

To make up for weak signal, and/or cover more area, there are several options:

-Most of the time, an inline booster (806715/806215) can help.  This adds up to 17dB of gain, and can greatly increase your coverage area.

-Another option is to add an antenna.  This requires a splitter, a length of cable, and an antenna.  Please note that the splitter does provide a little loss, while you will have two coverage areas, each of those areas will be smaller than the original area covered.

-Tech Support can also give advice on how to increase your coverage.  To reach us, either email at [email protected] or call (866)294-1660.

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