Be Prepared to Watch the Solar Eclipse

Emily Fisher | August 17, 2017

People from all over North America are hitting the road in search of prime solar eclipse viewing spots. Because of the amount of people who will undoubtedly be using their phones to share this event online, cellular providers are concerned cell towers won’t be able to support the increased cell phone usage in rural areas like Oregon and Idaho.

According to an article published by KUOW, Cell providers plan to combat this by installing temporary cell towers to carry the burden of extra users. However officials doubt this will be enough to support the increased cell usage.

After all, what is a solar eclipse if you can’t share it with other people online?

Aside from sharing the eclipse on all your social media, more frequent communication like calls and texts will also be interrupted. In case you need to get in contact with people back home or fellow eclipse spectators, it’s a good idea to make sure you’ll be able to use your cell phones. You wouldn’t want to be caught in an emergency without a phone.

Since the eclipse is on a Monday, some may need to stay connected in order to meet work deadlines. Without data coverage, Skype calls will be dropped and you won’t be able to keep a look out for important emails.  

Relying on cell towers this weekend, even with the extra ones, probably won’t be enough. A cell phone signal booster would be a good way for you to ensure you stay connected for safety reasons and so you can show everyone how cool the eclipse is. If you are bringing your RV to the eclipse, the Drive 4G-X RV would be ideal and if you’re driving to the eclipse viewing site in a car the Drive 4G-X is a good solution.

Happy eclipse viewing!