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Best RV Gadgets and Gifts for Tech-Savvy Adventurers (2021)

Posted on 6/19/2020 by Nicholas Jones

Want to know what RV gadgets can help you on an RV road trip or full time RVing? What is the best brand of power bank, wifi router, cell phone booster, or dashcam? In this video, Matt with weBoost covers all the must-have RV gadgets to bring on your next excursion, or make them a permanent addition to your full-time setup.

1. Verizon Cradlepoint

If you’ve been camping but also need to access the internet, you understand the pain of trying to find a reliable WiFi signal. The Cradlepoint WiFi router from Verizon was an indispensable tool when it came time for us to crack open the laptops (and a cold one) at the end of the day to respond to emails and upload video footage. This router takes cellular signal, and turns it into a WiFi signal you can connect to on your laptop or devices. The Cradlepoint will set you back a few hundred dollars depending on the type you purchase, but it was an incredibly useful tool for our road trip.

2. weBoost Cell Signal Booster

weBoost has a couple of good options for people that need to stay connected in their RVs. With an RV cell phone signal booster, you’ll have strong cell signal in remote areas when you need to be able to communicate with friends or browse the internet.

For people who are camping for a few days or longer, the Connect RV 65 is a super powerful cellular signal booster that uses a directional antenna and 25-foot tall telescoping pole to reach high up and grab weak signal, and bring the improved signal into your motor home or towed trailer. You can see more details on the Connect RV 65 here.

For an RVer who is on the go all the time, the weBoost Drive X RV is an excellent solution that can help you stay connected while camped, and while the RV is moving to the next destination. Learn more about the Drive X RV here.

Both of these cell phone signal boosters are great options for improved cell phone signal and make for a wonderful addition to your RV lifestyle! They boost cell signal for all carriers, networks, and multiple users in an RV.

3. Venture 30 Power Pack by Goal Zero

When you are out in the wilderness, keeping your devices charged can be a headache. That’s why we’ve included the Venture 30 Power Pack by Goal Zero in our gadget list. The power bank is small enough to fit into a small backpack, and also is compatible with any Goal Zero solar kit. You can see more details on the Venture 30 Power Pack and other Goal Zero products here.

4. 65 W Dash Cam by Garmin

Out of all the dash cams we’ve tried, we really liked the Garmin 65 W Dash Cam. It’s a high definition dash camera, and the window mount was really easy to install. Garmin was also able to incorporate data like GPS coordinates and speed, so you have the option of viewing that as well on your footage. You can learn more about the Garmin 65 W Dash Cam here.

5. DJI Mavic Pro

One of our favorite pieces of gear to use on our RV Road Trip was the DJI Mavic Pro, which is a small, lightweight drone that shoots 4K videos and is super easy to fly. Being able to get epic footage of your RV and adventures is definitely worth the investment. You can see more details on the Mavic Pro here.

6. Luci Solar Lights

The last item on our list is a fun one. Luci Lights are inflatable solar powered lanterns that are great to bring on the road with you. Having to remember to change batteries can be a hassle, but with a solar-powered light you don’t need to worry about that (as long as you leave it in sunlight). MPOWERED makes these, and they have different options available here.

There are a ton of different devices you can bring with you to help you stay connected and document your adventures. These are just a few of ours, but please add any of your favorites in the comments!


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