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CEA Names 2014 Mark of Excellence Winners

weBoost | January 12, 2015

CEA Names 2014 Mark of Excellence Winners

By Steve Crowe | January 9, 2014

Wireless Product of the Year: Wilson Electronics CI 2070 Cellular Signal Booster

The CI 2070 is a five-band indoor FCC-approved signal booster designed for professional installation. It solves a very common consumer problem – poor cellular reception at home and in the workplace. The CI 2070 provides universal signal improvement, including 4G service, for subscribers of all U.S. cellular networks (except Clearwire).

The CI 2070 solves consumers’ cellular reception problems by collecting available cellular signals outside the building, amplifying those signals and redistributing them indoors to provide reliable voice and data coverage inside today’s energy efficient – but cellular unfriendly – houses, office buildings and commercial spaces. No Internet connection is required.

The signal enhancement process happens transparently for the consumer, who enjoys the strong, reliable signal and increased indoor coverage area the CI 2070 provides. The CI 2070 is tuned for the specific location and the coverage needs of the consumer(s) by the integrator at the time of installation. Unless cellular service in the vicinity changes – for example, a new cell site is built nearby – the CI 2070 requires no further adjustment. The process is also transparent to the cellular network.

Source Article: CE Pro