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Cell phone performance apps for Android

Nicholas Jones | August 25, 2016

Here are our five favorite apps, in no particular order, to improve the performance of your Android device.

To set come context:

  • There are dozens, probably hundreds, of good Android performance apps out there and we don’t have space to list them all, so we went with our fav five. If we missed one of your favs, tell us about it in Comments at the bottom of the page.
  • Would anyone need all five of these apps on their phone or tablet? Certainly not! There are multiple overlapping features in the apps on our list. We hope you’ll experiment and find those that work best for you.
  • Finally, there is lively debate among Android enthusiasts as to whether performance apps are actually useful, or just suck away battery life and use data without permission. While we find these useful, we encourage you to judge for yourself.

1. Clean Master

 This is one of the most popular Android apps, and it packs a bunch of features. As the name suggests its main purpose is to clean caches, shut down processes and apps you don’t want running in the background, and delete junk files. It frees up storage space and RAM, and boosts the performance of your Android.

It also has anti-malware and privacy features, multiple battery saver controls and an App Manager that lets you uninstall the apps you don’t want and back up the most important ones. There’s also a Lite version that’s smaller and has fewer features. Both versions are free and ad-supported.

2. Android Assistant

This is the performance app, not the voice-activated personal assistant. Another popular app with a ton of features. I especially like the device monitor dashboard. On a single screen you can see the current load on your CPU, RAM usage, remaining battery charge, CPU temperature and available storage space.

The Processes monitor screen lets you see what’s running even when apps are closed, and gives you the option to selectively kill those services you don’t want. The battery usage screen is also very helpful, showing exactly which apps are drawing power, whether open or not, and how much. Again, you can selectively kill those you don’t need and conserve battery. This describes the free version. A Pro version is a $0.99 purchase.

3. Greenify

Greenify is a very powerful battery management app that works best on a rooted device. It will run on non-rooted phones but some features will not be available. Greenify lets you put apps into “hibernation” to save battery. Offending apps that drain away battery power by running processes even when not open are top candidates to hibernate.

Hibernated apps are still available for use and can be opened by you or by call from another app. It’s easy to add apps to the hibernate list – but you have to be careful because some apps should never hibernate, like your alarm clock and your messaging apps. Free version and a $2.99 donation package that unlocks additional features.

4. DU Speed Booster & Cleaner Another popular Swiss-Army-knife-style app that packs a lot of features. The Phone Boost feature identifies processes running the background and lets you shut them down to free memory for more important functions. Trash Cleaner cleans out caches and deletes junk files.

App Manager lets you uninstall apps or move them to an available SD card. The Security function provides anti-malware and privacy features, and Game Booster provides a function similar to Phone Boost, but specifically optimizes for game play. Has way more features than we can do justice to here. Free.


5. SetCPU Wanna overclock your Android’s CPU? Then this is the app you need. SetCPU gives you total control of your rooted Android’s CPU – just don’t let all that power go to your head. You can opt for max performance during multitasking or any CPU-intensive activity. Or you can slow the CPU to preserve battery life.

The Profiles feature is incredibly powerful. The user sets Profiles that automatically change the CPU settings based on current conditions. You

can slow the CPU between, say, midnight and 6 a.m., for example, or when your battery drops below 35 percent. Another Profile could have the CPU run at full speed for top performance when certain games or productivity apps are opened. A $1.99 purchase.


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