CES Spotlight–Audi

weBoost | December 9, 2011

This year at CES 2012 (Consumer Electronics Show), the luxury car maker Audi will be in attendance! I can’t wait to check out what new features they have to offer in their vehicles. 

Accoring to the CES webiste:

“Audi is among the most successful luxury automotive brands globally. During 2010 Audi was the top performing luxury brand in Europe, and broke all-time company sales records in the U.S. Over the next few years, AUDI AG will invest nearly $16 billion on new products and technologies.”

Alongside with Audi, Ford, GM, Kia, Mercedes, and Toyota will also be at the show. With this many automobile companies onsite, the 2012 International CES promises to be the epicenter of automotive electronics. In fact, In-vehicle technology exhibits at the 2012 International CES will span more than 80,000 net square feet of exhibit space!

We are excited to have you follow us virtually at CES! Do you have any questions for the folks at the Audi booth? Let me know in the comments so I can make sure and address yor questions/concerns when I talk to them at CES. You can also tweet me your questions, or leave me a comment on Facebook.

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