December Tech Tip

weBoost | December 3, 2013

December is here, and that means that the end of 2013 is quickly approaching! Not only are we gearing up for the holiday season, but CES is right around the corner as well, and we all know the exciting things that entails! Make sure and stay tuned to our blog as we look at some of the cool, new, technology coming out at the CES show in January!

Now, for this month’s Tech Tip, we’re taking a closer look at the Wilson Tri-band 4G-V (805165). Have you ever had a specific question about this product? If so, see the question and answer provided below–

Q: Will this work with AT&T’s LTE (which I think also operates on 700MHz)?

A: This is an important question to ask, especially if you are considering purchasing a Wilson booster. The Wilson Tri-band 4G-V (805165) booster was designed for the Verizon LTE service on the 700MHz (Band 13) frequency. It does not operate the 700MHz (Band 12) used by AT&T’s LTE service. If this is something you are looking for, you will want to consider the AG Pro Quint booster (803470) instead. It works with all major service providers (including AT&T) for improved voice, 3G data, and 4G/LTE data.

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