Direct Connect Cell Phone Booster

Nicholas Jones | April 7, 2015

It’s Tuesday, and that means it’s time for our weboost tech tip.

The Signal 3G is designed for a direct connect purpose. Most phones these days do not have external antenna ports. Cellular machines such as RedBox, ATM’s, and ChargePoint electric car charging stations all use cellular data to communicate with the tracking software.

Many people also own MiFi’s, Jetpacks, Air Cards, and other modems that provide internet through the wireless providers. A large majority of this type of equipment has an external antenna port that will allow you to connect an antenna or the Signal 3G right to them (Signal 4G). This method will cut down on signal degradation and the amount of noise that the system picks up. This type of booster is one of the motst effective ways to boost a weak signal. If you would like to know if your device has a port or a direct connect is an option, please contact us here in Customer Support.

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