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Best Replacement Options For an AT&T MicroCell

Posted on 03/12/19 by Nicholas Jones

For AT&T mobile subscribers who experience weak or unreliable cell phone signal in their home or office, the AT&T MicroCell offered a great solution. By connecting to an existing broadband internet landline through providers such as Xfinity or CenturyLink (or its very own AT&T Fiber), the AT&T MicroCell was basically a mini-cell tower made to enhance cell coverage for talk and text.

Particularly impressive was the fact that the AT&T MicroCell could help boost signal strength for its subscribers over fixed broadband internet without affecting the quality of the Wi-Fi connection. Learn more about how microcells work here. 

Unfortunately for AT&T’s MicroCell supporters, the device was discontinued at the end of 2018 in favor of WiFi Calling. However, this sudden end of life of the AT&T’s MicroCell was not entirely surprising. And here’s why. AT&T Microcell

AT&T MicroCell Limitations

Did you ever fail to connect to the mobile network via the AT&T microcell? Amazingly enough, the AT&T MicroCell or AT&T Femtocell was only designed to handle 3G data speeds.

For this reason alone, those with an existing AT&T MicroCell will only be able to use their devices up until AT&T discontinues its support of 3G—which is anticipated to happen by 2021.

Despite its effectiveness for improving cell coverage in dead zone areas, the AT&T MicroCell only worked for AT&T subscribers. Which obviously meant non-AT&T subscribers sharing the same office or living in a home with an AT&T MicroCell experienced no signal improvement.

Additionally, the AT&T MicroCell only allowed four devices to be connected at any one time.

The effective range for the device was also limited to roughly 40 feet in any given direction from the unit. Depending on your layout, this could be effective for most residential homes but could have limitations in multi-floor settings or areas outside the MicroCells line of sight.

Best AT&T Microcell Replacement

An AT&T cell signal booster is a great replacement for the discontinued AT&T Microcell.

All AT&T signal boosters are designed for compatibility with all major U.S. mobile carrier networks—not just AT&T. Meaning that coworkers or family members can enjoy the same enhanced cell coverage—no matter who they use for mobile service. Likewise, there are no limitations to the number of users who can benefit from the existing outside cell signal being amplified throughout the office or home where your booster is installed.

Unlike WiFi Calling, using an AT&T signal booster doesn’t require an internet connection or any subscription. No monthly fees are required. No phone pairings or a login to a network.

WiFi Calling can sometimes slow down internet bandwidth—especially in a home or office with several devices connected at once. Voice quality can also be affected during peak use times for local broadband service. Handoffs from WiFi Calling to mobile carrier networks are also tricky.

When a call is made on WiFi Calling but continued when walking outside or while getting into a car, disconnections are common for users. However, calls amplified by AT&T signal boosters provide you with reliable cell coverage using your own carrier network. Meaning there is never a handoff once you leave your home or office and continue the call inside your car.

Again, no matter how many cell phones and mobile devices are being used in your building, the signal being amplified by an AT&T cell phone booster will never diminish. This allows everyone to take advantage of the enhanced call quality, improved data, and high-speed 4G LTE internet.

Solve Your Cellular Connectivity Issues with weBoost

For its limited use-case scenario, the AT&T MicroCell offered a viable solution to improve cell coverage for its subscribers. But if you want reliable 4G LTE signal for multiple devices and users, on all major U.S. mobile carrier networks, look no further than weBoost microcell boosters.

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