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eqo Home Cell Booster now available

Nicholas Jones | April 11, 2016

eqo Home Cell Booster. Antenna, left, and main unit. The main unit is placed wherever cell signal is strongest. The antenna is placed where stronger signal is most needed.

The wait is over.

weBoost’s eqo Home Cell Booster is available for retail purchase today online and in stores.

We’ve told you about eqo Booster, and if you want you can click on the Related Articles at right to read more or watch the short videos.

Bottom line: the eqo (pronounced ‘echo’) is a new type of cell phone signal booster that allows virtually anyone to improve poor cell reception in their home by up to 32x in seconds.

eqo Booster has just 2 components, shown above, which allows the plug-and-play set up to be completed in less than a minute for most installations.

eqo Booster is super easy to set up because it does not require a separate outside antenna.

How eqo Booster works eqo Booster’s design integrates the signal amplifier and the tower antenna component into a main unit. This main unit is placed inside the home wherever cell signal is strongest. The antenna unit is placed where stronger signal is most needed.

The main unit collects weak cell signal, amplifies it and sends it over coax cable to the antenna, which distributes the amplified signal over the indoor coverage area – up to 1,200 square feet – for use by any device within range.

Why eqo Booster is different Let’s be blunt. Cell phone signal boosters are wonderful tech. In locations where you previously had spotty cell reception, or maybe no reception at all, a cell phone booster can provide a strong, reliable signal that allows you to do anything you normally do on your smartphone, even watch video over 4G LTE.

But here’s the issue with cell signal boosters. The installation process has always been the biggest friction point to wide consumer adoption.

Previously, the purchaser needed to get on the roof and install an antenna to pull in the cell signal before the booster could amplify it for your phone or tablet.

Now the eqo Booster eliminates that friction for most consumers.

May not work for all customers I say “most” because eqo booster does need one critical thing in order to boost signal inside a home or office – a usable cell signal. A usable cell signal is one that allows you to make a call and maintain that connection until the call is completed.

Anyone who can do that inside their home can use the eqo Booster to improve cell coverage. weBoost engineers estimate eqo Booster should work for about 75 percent of people troubled by weak signal and poor cell reception at home.

If you cannot make a call and maintain the connection because of weak indoor signal, then you should consider a Wilson/weBoost cell signal booster of traditional design like the Connect 4G, which uses an outside antenna to bring cell signal inside the home.

Ideal use case eqo Booster is ideal for apartments and condos, as well as other small indoor spaces that need significantly better cell reception for one or two rooms.

And eqo Booster has all the same features as other Wilson/weBoost boosters.

  • boosts voice and data on all North American carrier networks, including 4G LTE
  • works with all phones and all cell devices
  • supports multiple simultaneous users and devices
  • FCC certified in the U.S.
  • IC certified in Canada

eqo MSRP is $349.99 in the U.S. and $499.99 in Canada.


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