EVDO Info January 6 2015

weBoost | January 12, 2015

Wilson Electronics Launches weBoost Line of Signal Boosters

With the start of the new year comes some exciting news from Wilson Electronics: the launch of a new line of amplifiers under the brand weBoostThe weBoost lineup includes products for a variety of applications, from vehicle boosters to kits for the home to powerful options for large homes and offices. In addition to sleek design, all of weBoost’s amplifiers comply with the latest FCC regulations and feature innovative technology that allows the amplifiers to automatically adjust their power to avoid interference with the tower (unlike products that rely on physical knobs that must be manually adjusted by the user).

The first batch of weBoost amplifiers will ship in February 2015 and will include the following products:

The weBoost Drive 3G-S (470106) and Drive 4G-S (470107), pictured at right, are cradle amplifiers similiar to the uber-popular Wilson Sleek. They support a single phone or hotspot and are super portable! For vehicle use, the 50db Drive 3G-M (470102) and 5-band Drive 4G-M (470108) can support multiple users in a small area. The Drive 3G-X(470111) and future-planned Drive 4G-X (470510) are similar but feature higher output power to allow for signal boosting in lower signal areas. weBoost’s Home 3G (473105) and Home 4G (470101) amplifiers are ideal for small homes and apartments. The weBoost Connect line of 65db amplifiers for small home/office areas includes several configurations, including a 3G kit with an omnidirectional antenna (472105), a 3G kit with a yagi antenna (472205), a 5-band 3G/4G kit with yagi antenna (470103, pictured at left). The higher-powered 70db Connect 3G-X (470105) and Connect 4G-X (471104) kits can cover even more area than the 65db kits and also feature higher outpower power for better boosting capabilities. weBoost’s Signal 3G direct connect amplifiers for M2M use will be available in 3 kit options: the 470109 will include a 12″ antenna and AC power supply, the 470209 will include a lower profile 4″ antenna and AC power supply, and the 470309 will include the 4″ antenna a hardwire DC power supply. A 4G version is planned for later in 2015, too. The Drive 3G-Flex (470113) is a compact and affordable option for boosting signal in a very small area (e.g. front seat of a vehicle, desktop, etc).

We look forward to the arrival of the weBoost line and will provide more details as the launch nears!