Four Wheeler Network features weBoost products

Emily Fisher | April 27, 2017

Keeping up with the latest advancements in everyday life can be a daunting task. The changes being made to televisions, cell phones, computers, and social media sites happen at such a fast pace, as soon as you think you are keeping up with the Jones’, they have already moved on and posted photos. Fortunately, the 4×4 world is making advancements too. Even the staunchest most rigid and unbending individuals can find usefulness in 4×4 modernization. It’s not like anyone is dying to put a points ignition and a carburetor on their ’17 Ford F-150. With our sights set to help you step into today’s available technology, we scoured the aftermarket to find the most interesting and useful products. Here are a few functional advancements that can bring your 4×4 into 2017 and beyond.


If you find yourself in the boondocks often and out of cell service range regularly, you might consider adding a Wilson Amplifiers ( weBoost cellphone booster kit to your 4×4. There are several different models to choose from to match nearly any budget. The weBoost increases talk, text, and high-speed-data reception and transmission. The pro models are said to provide up to 60 percent more reach to and from the cell tower. Some units offer cell boosting for multiple devices (smartphones, tablets, and so on) in a vehicle. The weBoost is said to work with all phones and with all carriers. The increased range not only results in stronger signals and clear connections but also improves the battery life of your cell phone.

Originally posted on Four Wheeler Network.