The GiveBack Tour 2012–Shelbina, MO

weBoost | November 6, 2012

Last but not least, the Wilson team visited Shelbina, MO! While there, they met with Chief Gene Harland, Assistant Chief Allan Wilt, and Volunteer Dave Dovin. The folks at the Shelbina Fire Department are very hardworking, and they take pride in their line of work. Because nearby cell towers don’t overlap coverage strong enough to hold a conversation, they were very thankful to learn about and receive Wilson cell phone signal boosters. The crew couldn’t have been happier to have the Wilson GiveBack tour team install a dual band mobile wireless into their #1 engine fire truck!

Even though the Shelbina Fire Department protects a small town of only 1,700 people, the fire district is around 250 square miles!

The Wilson team had a great time visiting with all the first responders they met on the GiveBack tour 2012! Thanks for following along with us, and we hope you had as much fun as we did. Until next time!

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