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Google Launches Chrome Remote Desktop App

Nicholas Jones | January 13, 2015

Happy Tuesday!

Staying connected is almost a necessity in our daily life. Being able to access all our files and information is just as important. With a new app from Google never be without full access to your computer at home.

Controlling your computer with an iPhone just got a lot easier.

Google launched an iOS version of its Chrome Remote Desktop app Monday, which allows users to access their computers from their iPhone.

Sign in with your Google account (you can also switch between multiple accounts if you have more than one) to see the computers you’re able to access. Like the Android app, the iOS version of the app requires the accompanying Chrome extension to be installed on the desktop version of the browser.

Once installed, the app works in two modes: touch mode and trackpad mode. In touch mode, the default setting on iPads, tapping on the screen is the same as a left click on a mouse. And in trackpad mode, the default for iPhones, a mouse pointer is visible. Users control the mouse by swiping across the screen and tapping, which simulates a left click.

The app also supports a number of additional gestures in both modes.

The functionality of the app isn’t much different from other remote desktop apps, though Google’s free offering was missing from the App Store up until now. Microsoft makes a similar iOS app, also called Remote Desktop, but it only works with Windows devices.

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