Happy #TechTipTuesday!

weBoost | May 13, 2014

It’s Tuesday, and that means it’s time to share a couple of questions we see here at Wilson Electronics about some of our products. Today we’re looking at questions about the Sleek 4G. Q:  Does the Sleek 4G work in Canada? A:  The Sleek 4G is not made for use in Canada. You will want the Sleek 4G-C (812726) instead.

Q:  Will the Sleek 4G work on a boat? If so, where do I mount the antenna? A:  Yes, the Sleek 4G will work great on a boat. As for the antenna, it is a magnet mount. You will mount it anywhere that has a metal surface, and is within 10 feet of the cradle.

Q:  Do I need to use the Sleek’s side arms with my Nexus 5 cell phone? A:  You can use the booster without the arms, as their only purpose is to hold the phone on the Sleek. You can either tilt the Sleek back so that the phone is sitting on it, or you can use something as simple as a rubber band to hold the phone on the Sleek if you would like.

Got a question of your own you would like to see answered? Just leave us a comment below, or leave us a message on Facebook/Twitter. We’re currently building out a special series of blog posts based only on requests from you guys! Look for it in the coming weeks.