How Can I Boost My Cell Phone Signal? Try These 5 Actionable Tips

Nicholas Jones | May 10, 2016

We all experience situations or perhaps specific locations where our cell reception is lousy but we need to make a call or send a text or an email right then. In this post are 5 things you can do to improve your chances of getting a better cell signal.

Let’s be clear – not all of these tricks will work in every situation, but each does work in specific situations. So keep trying until you find one that works for you. We’ve written about these tips previously but it’s been over a year, and of course the topic keeps coming up.

Poor cell reception at home, in the office or on the road is almost always caused by either (a) distance from the signal source (most likely a cell tower) and/or (b) obstructions that block or weaken the signal. Here again are our best suggestions to overcome those issues immediately.

1) Just Stop

If you’re in your vehicle, pull over and try your call. If you’re walking, stop. When your phone and the network don’t have to constantly adjust for your changing location, it’s easier for you to get and keep a strong signal.

2) Try a different location

Attempt to connect in different rooms of your house or apartment to see if any of them offer you better reception. Same thing goes at work. Move to the other side of the office or step into the hallway. It’s very common for cellular signal to fluctuate inside a building. So trying the connection in various spots can help you find a place that provides better reception.

3) If indoors, stand (or sit) by a window

A common thing that blocks cell signal is the material used to construct any building. Think about it. Steel, concrete, brick, drywall – yep, they all block or weaken the signal as it enters and moves through the building. Glass may allow signal to pass through more readily. Go stand near a window to try your connection. If that doesn’t help, move to a different window and try again. If you know where your cell carrier’s nearest cell tower is, try a window on that side of the building nearest the tower.

4) Move on up

Cell signals operate on line-of-site, and as noted earlier, obstructions between you and the tower block or weaken the signal you receive. Increasing your elevation reduces the chance of obstructions degrading your cell reception. Move up to the highest floor of your home or office. If you’re in a vehicle, find an elevated spot and park there to try your connection.

5) Give up and step outside

Sometimes getting a solid cell signal indoors is a losing battle. If that happens to you, step outside to make your connection. Yes, this can be really inconvenient if it’s cold outside or rainy or if it means a 14-floor elevator ride down and back up again. And if you’re driving in freeway traffic it may not be practical to park your vehicle and step out.

But, at the risk of repeating ourselves, anything between you and the cell tower can interfere with your reception. Stepping outside will immediately reduce potential obstacles that may weaken the signal.

We hope at least one or two of these tips will be useful to you. Do you have a favorite trick for better cell reception? Tell us about it in the Comments below. View our updated guide on increasing cell phone signal. Or if you have an iPhone, you may need an iphone signal booster.

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