How to Charge Your Cell Phone Faster

Nicholas Jones | September 15, 2017


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Our smartphones are one of the great conveniences we enjoy. But one of the most inconvenient things about them is charging the battery.

No matter how good your phone’s battery life is, eventually you have to charge it up. And who wants to wait around for that!

It’s always nice when we find a way to charge our phones faster. In recent years technology has really contributed to faster battery charging, but charging still a major complaint for smartphone users.

Some newer Android phone have a fast-charge feature that you can use, but the question still is often asked – How can I charge my phone battery faster?

In researching this topic we found three tactics mentioned most often:

  • turn on airplane mode
  • use a higher output charger
  • remove the phone case


Be sure to watch the videos to see each of these suggestions for faster battery charging tested to see how much they speed up a charge


Click to watch the video.


Turn on airplane mode

Turning on airplane mode while charging the battery makes sense. This action turns off the phone’s cellular functions. While this means you won’t be able to make or receive calls or text messages while in airplane mode, it also means fewer operations are drawing power.

With few operations running, more power from the charger is going to the battery so the phone charges faster. For even faster charging, you can power your phone off while it’s plugged into the charger.


Use a higher output charger

You can use a charger originally meant to charge a tablet to instead charge your phone. Typically a tablet charger puts out power at a higher rate than your phone charger does. Naturally, a higher-powered charger will charge your phone in less time.

Check the output rating on the tablet power charger and your phone before plugging it in. if you don’t have a tablet charger, you can purchase a fast charger online that will do the same thing – output power at a higher rate than your phone charger does.


Remove the phone case

Heat is the mortal enemy of all batteries. Having a case on your phone traps heat, which can negatively impact battery life and recharging speed. If you remove your phone case while charging your phone the battery will stay cooler and thus charge faster.

In our tests each of these methods significantly sped up battery charging from 4% to 22% of battery capacity against a baseline in the 30-minute test period.

For best results, use all three tips in combination. We urge to watch the videos to see the test results.


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