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How to Increase Cell Reception 2017

Nicholas Jones | February 3, 2017

Does anyone ever talk about cell phone reception when it’s really good?

Have you ever said something like, “I was at that one place and needed to call the office, and you would not believe how strong and reliable the cell signal is!”

I’m pretty sure that almost never happens.

People typically talk about cell reception only when it’s bad

We talk about it when we’re someplace that should have reception, but we can’t get any signal.

Or when you’re expecting a call or incoming text but the reception is spotty, and so it never comes or arrives hours later than anticipated.

Maybe I’m at a location that previously has always had excellent cell reception. But for some unknown reason my phone is intermittently showing zero-to-one-bar of service at this moment.

Those are situations when we talk about our cell phone reception.

To put it another way, we only talk about cell reception to complain.

We complain about it because we’re accustomed to having solid cell reception everywhere, all the time, whenever we want to use our smartphones. So when we don’t have good reception, it’s inconvenient and we complain.



How to Improve Cell Reception

This inconvenience makes increasing cell reception a popular topic. We’ve discussed this subject recently with our post How to boost iPhone signal, where we suggested:

  • Signal mapping the location where you have poor reception
  • Substitute Wi-Fi calling for cell service
  • Get a femtocell to improve your carrier’s reception
  • Get a cell signal booster to improve reception for all carriers
  • As a last resort, cautiously switch your cell phone carrier for better reception

You can read the entire post here.

We also did a post How to get cell reception in a dead zone. Suggestions in that piece are:

  • Stop moving
  • Change your location
  • Find higher ground
  • Step outside
  • Get a cell phone booster

It’s not just us. Plenty of others have posted about getting better cell reception. Like this 2016 study by a university to determine which smartphones have the best signal strength.

Or this ranking of the different U.S. cell phone carriers. For our purposes we’re looking at the “Performance” rating (left side of the table) rather than the “Overall” score (right side of the table).

Cell Phone Booster Ratings

There are also product ratings of the various cell phone signal boosters that provide better reception in a home, office or vehicle. Here is a pretty good third-party cell booster roundup from Top 10 Reviews The Best Cell Phone Boosters of 2017.

We also did our own cell booster roundup that you can read here Top 10 cell phone signal boosters 2016/2017.

Final Thoughts

You can see there is no shortage of possible solutions to boost your cell phone reception. The only catch is that every situation and location is different.

All the various reception-improving solutions mentioned above work in specific circumstances. But none of them will work in every situation.

So it’s up to each of us to test them out and see which work to improve our cell reception.

Good luck and don’t give up! Learn more about an iphone signal booster here.


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