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weBoost | June 20, 2011

Wow, what a week! For those of you that don’t know, I was at the Twitter #140Conf in New York City last week! It was awesome to be in the big apple, and to be in the presence of such industry leaders. Hopefully you followed my live stream of tweets coming from our Twitter account @WilsonCellular. If not, you missed out! But don’t fear, you can check them out here.

Twitter #140Conf

6-14 to 6-16: Bright and early (as in 3AM early) on Tuesday morning, I headed off to the Las Vegas airport to fly to NYC for the #140Conf. The next few days were amazing! I heard from over 140 speakers, who shared personal experiences with Twitter and social media. Some speakers you may have heard of were NBC News Anchor Ann Curry, Newark Mayor Cory Booker, Joe Trippi, Mashable’s Adam Ostrow, and Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley. Below are some of my favorite tweets that I took during the conference. Remember to check out our twitter feed to see what you may have missed 🙂

“We’re in a time where companies can no longer hide behind logos and press releases.” via @jeffpulver #140Conf

“The right topic + right network + right time = how things go viral.” via @gilgul #140conf

“The old 24hr news cycle is now the 14,400 second news cycle!” via @dangilmor #140conf

“Twitter is a tool for creating a community that wasn’t there before.” via @CoryBooker #140conf

Wilson News 6-13: “Wilson Electronics Cellular Signal Boosters Help Rural Residents and Businesses Stay Connected”–

6-13: “Could cellular signal boosters play a role in Universal Service reforms?”–

6-15: “Cell Signal Booster Helps Geological Firm Save Time on Site”

6-16: Wilson Electronics is named as one of Connected World Magazine’s Top Adopters for 2011! We were recognized for our “M2M in Action”, and awarded Silver. Here’s the link to see who else was mentioned: