Installing a Wilson 4G Cell Phone Signal Booster

Emily Fisher | September 16, 2014

Happy Tuesday! This week we’re answering your questions about our products. Take a look!–

Q: I am considering installing a Wilson 4G cell phone signal booster because cell reception in my office building is terrible for all carriers. There are about 30 people that work on my floor. How many simultaneous connections can a booster support?

A: There are two parts to this answer. (1) Wilson does not limit the number of simultaneous connections a booster can support. So there is no artificial cap on the number of connections. (2) However, that means the number of devices that can operate simultaneously depends on the strength of the signal outside his building. The stronger the signal outside, the more devices inside can be supported simultaneously. The same is true in the reverse. The weaker the outside signal, the fewer devices inside the building can be supported simultaneously.

Q: How may square feet will your boosters cover?

A: Cellular signal boosters work like a megaphone – the stronger or louder the starting signal, the further that signal is broadcasted, or heard. If you whisper into a megaphone, you will hear the whisper a little further than before. But if you yell into a megaphone, you will hear your voice a LOT further away. Similarly, a weak signal outside, boosted through a cellular booster, can cover a small inside area (where otherwise you would have little or no signal). Likewise, if your outside signal is stronger, you will get a much bigger coverage area.

Q: How hard is it to install a Wilson cell phone signal booster? Do you have anyone that can help me with installation?

Answer: We have an installation video and installation guide on our site to help our customers understand the installation before they purchase it. The hardest part is typically the cable. If you are able to run cable, the rest is usually simple. If you are not comfortable running cable, or don’t feel comfortable getting on the roof for the outdoor antenna installation, there are installers all over the country. You can find Custom Installers at the following link: Although these are individual companies, and not representatives of Wilson Electronics, they have at least one person on staff that has taken and completed our WCI training course and passed the exam. They are able to help with everything from the site survey and making a recommendation, to the installation. We also have a US based Tech Support department here to assist you as well. Give us a call at 866-294-1660!