Redesigned Pro Signal Meter

weBoost | February 13, 2015
Wilson Electronics Releases Redesigned Pro Signal Meter

New Pro Signal Meter from Wilson Electronics detects 2G, 3G and 4G frequency band cellular signals to help installers find the strongest signal source when deploying cell signal boosters.

By CE Pro Editors, February 13, 2015

Wilson Electronics has released a newly redesigned Pro Signal Meter for the custom installer market. This professional grade tool detects available cellular signals – including 4G – at a location, identifies frequencies, measures signal strength and bandwidth, and displays these attributes on its integrated LED screen.Users of the Pro Signal Meter can quickly determine which cellular frequencies are available in an area, find the strongest signal source and determine the direction of nearby towers in order to map the local cellular environment. This allows optimal positioning of directional antennas to maximize cellular coverage indoors when deploying a cell phone booster.

“To ensure the customer has the strongest signal possible, we needed to design a product that would allow our installers to easily measure where the optimal location a booster and antenna should be installed,” says Todd Fariss, commercial business unit director for Wilson Electronics. “The Pro Signal Meter is the answer to our professional customers’ demonstrated need and we’re confident this tool will streamline the process of installing a booster in any North American location.”

Related: Wilson Electronics Launches weBoost Brand of Consumer Cell Boosters The Pro Signal Meter (part number 460118) can be used indoors or out, and detects 2G, 3G and 4G frequency bands used by all North American cellular service providers. The Pro Signal Meter can be paired with a variety of Wilson Electronics signal boosters and antennas, and includes a built-in rechargeable battery.

The new functionally, rechargeable battery, and ease of use makes for a quick site surveys. Additionally, the new ergonomic design of the Pro Signal Meter allows for easy hand-held operation. The screen displays the frequency of a detected signal, the range of pass bandwidth in megahertz (MHz) and the signal strength in decibels (dBm). Easy-to-use button controls located just under the screen allow the user to easily move between frequency bands and channels.