September Tech Tip

weBoost | September 3, 2013

Happy September! Can you believe Summer is already over? We can’t. On another note, since it’s the first Tuesday of the month, it’s time for our monthly Tech Tip post! And you guessed it, we’re answering another common tech support question. Check it out below–

Q.  I know I want the Sleek cell phone signal booster, but I see that you have quite a few of the Sleek cell phone signal booster models. Which one is the right one for me and my specific situation?

A.  This is a great question and one that we in Tech Support get asked a lot as our Sleek cell phone signal boosters are one of our most popular. This is most likely because they will boost voice and data in either a mobile situation – in a car, RV, or boat; or in a building – home, office, or business. They come in a convenient cradle design that is adjustable to fit most phones on the market today.

To assure coverage for all carriers, we have several options for you, which explain all the options with the different models. Please note that all of our Sleek boosters will enhance your voice and 3G data signal for most major carriers.

Sleek (815225). This was the original version of the Sleek. It is a great unit, that provides stronger signal for voice and 3G data. It is one of our bestsellers, with the ability to fit most phones and modems.

4G Sleeks – Carrier Specific. These Sleek cradles, like all the others, will boost 3G and voice for all carriers. However, they also provide 4G coverage on the specified carriers:

Sleek 4G-V (815125). This Sleek provides 4G LTE coverage for Verizon

Sleek 4G-A (815325). This Sleek provides 4G LTE coverage for AT&T.

Sleek 4G-C (812726). This Sleek provides 4G coverage for most Canadian carriers.

Sleek 4G (813245). This Sleek cradle provides voice, 3G, and 4G data for all the major US and Canadian carriers.

We hope this helps clear up the confusion about our Sleeks! Also keep in mind that Tech Support can also assist you with any other questions you might have about our products. To reach us, either email at [email protected] or call (866)294-1660.

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