Study Claims iPhone Users Prefer to Fly, While Android Owners Take the Bus

weBoost | May 9, 2014

Is there some kind of class distinction between iOS and Android users? A new study says yes, and actually draws a line in the sand based on what each type of device owner prefers to drink and their preferred method of travel. See the excerpt of the article below from @MacLife to read more about this “distinction”–

Re/code reported Thursday that a new study from Battery Ventures attempts to offer some insight into how iOS and Android users gravitate toward their favorite mobile platform, based on their lifestyles.

The demographic research is likely to become fresh bait for advertisers, given how different Apple and Google users appear to be from each other, at least on paper.

For example, when it comes to alcoholic consumption, iPhone users apparently prefer wine to beer, but are also “more likely to own stock and to have flown on a plane in the past year,” the report elaborated.

Android smartphone users, by comparison, are described as being more religious folks who enjoy eating at McDonald’s, smoke tobacco and are “more likely to rely on public transportation” than the jet setting iPhone crowd.

At first glance, the study seems fairly obvious: After all, most iOS products are priced higher than Android, so it’s a simple matter of economics, right? Not so fast. Battery Ventures’ Jonathan Sills claims many of the differences vanish once the user base is adjusted for income.

For example, the study also discovered that both iOS and Android owners were just as likely to own a home rather than rent, and preferred to own a handgun. So, they’ve got that in common…

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