Tech Question Tuesday

weBoost | February 25, 2014

This week we’re answering some common technical questions about our Wilson DT signal booster. Keep reading and you might just have your own questions answered!

Q:  What is the range for the DT? A:  The typical range for the DT is 15-20 feet of coverage from the indoor antenna. The coverage area can be increased or decreased, depending on the signal strength at the outdoor antenna.

Q:  What about 4G?
A:  If you would like 4G coverage, you will want the DT 4G (460101).
Q:  I have a MiFi card as well as a cell phone. Will this boost both? And can it boost them at the same time?
A:  The DT is designed to boost the voice, text, and up through 3G data (for 4G you will want the 460101). This will work to amplify the signal for the both devices when they are not in a 4G/LTE area, and to help the phone’s voice and text ability anytime there is a signal.
Q:  Do I need to have WiFi turned on for the booster to work? A:  Wilson cell phone signal boosters simply boost the cell signal, and your phone should pick up the boosted signal regardless of the WiFi being turned on or not.
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