Tech Tip Tuesday

weBoost | June 17, 2014

Happy Tech Tip Tuesday! We hope your week is going great! This week we’re looking at an in-depth question from one of our readers. See below!–

Q:  I have purchased and used the Sleek 4G signal booster along with the Mini Magnet antenna and I installed the antenna on the roof of my Class B RV. The whole system works really well. Amazing what happens when I attach my Sprint phone to the cradle. Have gone from 3g and 3 bars to 4g and all bars many times. My question is– 1. The cable from the antenna to the cradle is too short. The cradle is kind of hanging in the middle between the seats because I need more line. If I purchase longer cable – say 10′, would the reception go down appreciably? 2. What would be the difference in reception if I were to purchase the longer magnetic mount?

A:  The cable that comes on the magnet mount antenna is 12.5 feet long, and it is RG174. Due to the amount of loss within a smaller cable, we do not recommend using an extension cable without an extremely strong signal outside of the RV/Vehicle. When you add 10 feet of RG174 you will lose all the gain that the antenna adds to the system. However, adding 10 feet of RG58 will only cause a loss of half that of the RG174.

There is the suction cup window bracket, which will allow you to place the magnet mount antenna on the inside of the window while you are driving, or on the outside of the window when you are stopped. That bracket is part number 901128, and can be seen at the following link:

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