Tech Tip Tuesday

weBoost | June 24, 2014

Happy Tuesday!

This week for our special tech tip post, we asked our Technical Support department what one question they get in their department. See what they had to say below–

One question that we run into is “Will this booster work on GSM and CDMA?” or “What is the difference between CDMA and GSM?”

The easy answer to the first question is yes, our boosters work with both. The easiest way that I choose to describe all of this is the following: they are different languages that are spoken through the same megaphone. The megaphone will amplify whatever is being said because it doesn’t care if you are speaking French, Spanish, or English. All it knows is that you are talking through it. The same thing happens with our boosters. As long as the signal is “speaking” on a channel the booster can see, the voice will be amplified. So, in a nutshell, the booster doesn’t care what “language” your phone speaks (CDMA or GSM), it just cares that it can hear your carrier’s voice.

As always, if you have any specific questions, feel free to comment below, leave us a tweet or Facebook message, or you can even contact our Technical Support at (866)294-1660 or [email protected].