Tech Tip Tuesday

weBoost | July 29, 2014

Happy Tuesday! Today we’ve got a couple questions from the Technical Support Department that we’re looking at. Keep reading!–

Q:  I was in the Uinta mountains at Mirror Lake and had a camp host ask me about my antennas. I explained they were for a cell phone booster but they were not picking up any signal at the moment. He then told me he had guy that stayed there at the camp ground who had a Wilson antenna, and that he was picking up a signal. He said the antenna was kind of a triangle shape. I currently have an Omni Directional Building Antenna and a Dual Band Panel Antenna (301135/301155/304447).

A:  This antenna will not work when your RV is in motion. However, if you would like to turn your booster off while you are in motion, you can use this antenna with most systems. You will need to make sure you have the correct cable and connector with it. We recommend contacting Customer Support to determine the best options for your booster.

Q:  Will the trucker antenna work better than the magnet mount antenna the comes with the mobile amp?

A:  The trucker antenna and the small magnet mount antenna have very similar gains since the mini magnet was upgraded a few months ago. Also, it depends on what frequency range you are looking for. We recommend contacting tech support to discuss the antenna gains.

Q:  What antenna is a good upgrade for the Sleek 4G?

A:  The 4″ magnet mount antenna is actually one of the strongest options at this time. It has been upgraded recently to be much stronger than it was previously.

As Always, Customer Support and Technical Support are always here to help. We are happy to discuss any situation to make sure you have the best for your personal situation. You can reach us by leaving us a comment below, or on our Facebook/Twitter, or by calling/emailing us at (866) 294-1660 [email protected].