Tech Tip Tuesday!

weBoost | October 28, 2014

Happy Tuesday!

Are you overwhelmed by how many cords there are for every device? As always the Wilson Tech team is here to help!

We often get questions about cables. People usually want to know which cable is appropriate for a signal booster. In this article we are going to talk about different types of cable and the use of these cables.


Due to its size (3/32”), RG-174 works very well in an application, such as a vehicle, where more versatile cable is required. All of our vehicle booster kits include RG-174.


This cable, measuring 3/16”, will commonly be used in conjunction with our Trucker Antenna series and NMO (Non-Magnetic Option) antenna mounts.


This type of cable is ideal for use in home/smaller building applications. All of our current Small Area to Multi-Room and Whole Home booster kits includes RG-6. This type of cable is identical to standard TV (RG-6) coax cable, measuring 3/8”.

Wilson 400:

Typically, this type of cable will be used in larger area/industrial applications. Wilson 400 is an ultra low-loss coaxial cable – this cable is designed to bring greater range to your cell phone amplifier system. All of our Large Home/Area booster kits include Wilson 400, measuring 13/32”.

As always, if you have any questions about this week’s tech tip, or just a technical question in general, feel free to leave us a comment below, or you can contact our technical support team directly at (866) 294-1660 or email us at [email protected]