Tech Tip Tuesday!

weBoost | November 11, 2014

Happy Tuesday!

Our #techtip today comes from our fantastic tech department. Today they are going to help you decide which antenna will be best suit your needs — keep reading.


Tech Tip Tuesday – Omni-directional vs. Directional Antenna?

Today we are discussing another question that is common within our Technical Support department: Which antenna should I use with my booster – the omni-directional antenna or the wide band directional antenna? Let me help you choose which one will work best for you.

The omni-directional antenna, seen here: antenna, works very well in areas where the outside signal fluctuates or reflects off of nearby trees, hills, mountains or other obstructions. This antenna has a 360 degree beamwidth, meaning you do not have to point your antenna in a certain direction as it will bring in a signal from every direction.

The wide band directional antenna, seen here:, is the best solution for weak outside signal. We recommend the wide band directional antenna 99% of the time. This antenna has twice the gain of the omni-directional antenna, and works with a variety of cellular bands (including the common frequency bands used for 4G LTE). Aside from having twice the gain of the omni-directional antenna, the wide band directional antenna will help with isolation. Isolation is designed to eliminate feedback between the external and internal antenna. As this is a directional antenna, it is important to confirm that all of the towers for the networks you wish to improve are in the same direction.