Tech Tip Tuesday

Emily Fisher | February 3, 2015

It’s Tuesday, and that means it’s time to head on over to the weBoost customer support to see what tip they have in store for us today. This week’s post is from Stephanie. Check it out below–

One problem we see often in tech support is overload.  This is indicated by either flashing orange/red lights or by solid orange lights. The good news is, we can often repair the problem, but it will just take some steps to figure out which is the best way for your situation. When you see those flashing orange/amber lights this means that your system is overloading and is working at a reduced gain. This basically means that there is either a cell tower (not necessarily your carrier’s) too close, and the booster can’t work at full capacity. It can even be too much signal being pooled at the antenna from something like Emergency Service. Whatever the reason, here are a few tips to help combat this problem:

-The first way is by rotating the antenna. Try first pointing the antenna in a different direction and see if your lights change during this movement. You might even end up turning the antenna fully away from the tower, or straight up in the air.

-Next, you can try shielding the antenna. When you get to this point, what you can do is shield the antenna on all sides except for the one facing your carrier tower. This will keep the antenna from seeing competing signal. If you get to this point; we are more than happy to talk about options on how to do this. **Note, there are ways to test this before building a shielding system, and we are happy to help you with those.

-Lastly, if any of the other tips don’t work, this might mean it’s time to relocate the antenna entirely. Usually this is a last resort, but sometimes it is the only way to get rid of the problem at hand. You will need to find a location with enough signal from the carriers you want to boost, but not too much from any one carrier. If you are experiencing this problem and would like assistance, please call us at 866-294-1660 for free, US based tech support. You can also email [email protected]

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