Tech Tip Tuesday

weBoost | March 4, 2014

Happy Tuesday! This week we’re looking at a couple of common technical questions we see about our product, the Sleek 4G! Take a look below; you just might get a question or two of your own answered as well!

Q:  Can the Sleek do simultaneous voice and data? As many do, my Verizon phone has the ability to create a hotspot for my laptop and talk simultaneously. Assuming I use a Bluetooth headset to talk, will there be any interference problems using the two at the same time? A:  There will not be any interference issues with the hotspot and the Bluetooth. That setup should work great.

Q:  Will this work on a mobile home? A:  You will see better results if the antenna is outside, but if the antenna is able to pick up the 4G signal there in the window, it will work. I recommend contacting Customer Support and allowing them to walk you through test mode on your phone. That will allow us to be sure what you will see. Customer Support can be reached at 866-294-9234 or [email protected]

Q:  I would prefer to put the magnetic mount antenna on the trunk of my car instead of the roof of the car as it will hide the cable better. Will this cause a performance issue? A:  This should not cause any performance issues with the Sleek 4G. It would only cause issues if you have to lengthen the cable, or if you wanted to use a wireless booster rather than the Sleek.

Q:  I need to boost both the 4G and the 3G signal, (when 4G isn’t available). Is this possible with this product? A:  Yes, all of our Sleek products will boost your cell phone’s 3G and 4G.

Well there you have it. Were any of your questions answered? If not, feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email at 866-294-9234 or [email protected]

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