Tech Tip Tuesday

weBoost | May 6, 2014

Happy Tuesday!

This week we’re looking at our DT4G and answering some questions you may have about this new booster.

Q:  Does the DT4G work in Canada on the Rogers network with a Samsung S3? A:  The DT4G is not approved for use in Canada. You will want to look at the Tri-Band 4G-C (802770).

Q:  Will the DT4G boost more than one phone at a time? A:  Yes, the DT4G can support multiple devices all at the same time.

Q:  I have AT&T, but my husband has Verizon. Will the DT4G boost signals for both carriers with the single unit at the same time? A:  Yes, this booster will boost both Verizon and AT&T signals at the same time.

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