Tech Tip Tuesday–"Verizon’s XLTE Network"

weBoost | May 27, 2014

Hey there! Hope your holiday weekend was great. Can you believe it’s already Tuesday again? We can’t either. So, here’s some light reading to get you back into the groove of the work week.

As we all already know, the cellular industry is constantly evolving. This evolution has continued by Verizon’s announcement of their XLTE network.

“The industry and tech world recognize this is a big deal, and we want consumers to know, too,” said Ken Dixon, chief marketing officer of Verizon Wireless. “We continue to offer the very best network, bar none. Now, XLTE provides an even greater advantage to customers by doubling the 4G LTE bandwidth and providing faster peak speeds in cities coast to coast.”

The XLTE network will deliver faster data speeds by doubling the bandwidth. This will be done by spread loading the bandwidth between the 700 MHz and the AWS network (1700/2100 MHz). This “juggling” of bandwidth between the 700 MHz and the AWS network will show significant improvements especially during high-traffic times.

This is similar technology that Sprint is using for their Spark network. We have an article from January that expounds on the Spark network. That article can be found here.

Cellular devices that are compatible with the 700 MHz and the AWS network will work with the XLTE. These devices include the iPhone 5CiPhone 5S, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, and Galaxy Note 3.

So, what does this mean for Wilson Electronics and our awesome customers? The good news is that we currently offer a variety of products that already cover Verizon’s XLTE network. We currently offer a line of 4G boosters for both vehicles and buildings. Any of these 4G products would be compatible with the XLTE network.

Verizon’s XLTE network is already available in hundreds of cities across the United States. A list of those cities can be found here.

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