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Emily Fisher | April 17, 2017

The weBoost 4G-X Cell Boosting Options: 4G-X, 4G-X OTR, and 4G-X RV Kit

The weBoost line of cellular boosters and TechnoRV are growing together to meet the specific needs of each customer group. These customer groups include home users, truckers, RVers, daily commuters, and many more.  The cellular booster that each of these groups may need varies based on how they want to mount the outside antenna and what type of power sources they have available, to name a few. This article will cover the 3 kits that use the 4G-X amplifier and are primarily used by RVers, truckers, boaters, and passenger vehicles.

The basics of a cell booster system are pretty simple. There is an outside antenna, a cable that runs from the outside antenna and connects to the amplifier/booster. Then, from the other side of the booster, a cable runs to the inside antenna. The outside antenna brings the weak signal in, the amplifier boosts the weak signal, and finally the inside antenna rebroadcasts the boosted signal within your home, truck, RV, or wherever you are using it. The inside antenna creates a boosted zone, and as long as the devices you need to be boosted are within that boosted zone then they will have a stronger signal, and thus better voice and data speeds. The size of the boosted zone depends on many variables such as the strength of the signal it started with and obstructions around the antenna. WeBoost cellular boosters work, and the 4G-X platform is the strongest cellular booster available for use in motion.

The weBoost 4G-X amplifier is at the heart of 3 kits that are offered by TechnoRV. The difference in the 3 kits is the outside antenna, inside antenna, and power supply options. The main engine is the same in these kits so it is about determining what is best for your situation as far as antenna types. You can also add antennas to the kits if you plan to move the booster from one location to another. We will talk about add on components a bit later. Because each kit has the same amplifier, there are a few stats that will be the same between the 3 kits. Each kit is a 50dB gain system; this is the max allowed by the FCC in a mobile unit. The transmission power is equally impressive at about 29 dBm. The transmit power is the power you need to uplink back to the cell tower; without it, your download speeds are rendered useless. So this kit has a powerful ability to receive and send a cellular signal. In addition to the power, the 4G-X can handle up to 4 devices at one time, and all bands are supported all the way to LTE.

Let’s now look at the different 4G-X kits and determine which kit is right for you.

WeBoost 4G-X Kit:

  • 4G-X Amplifier
  • Mini-magnetic Omni-directional Outside Antenna with 12.5 feet of RG174 Cable
  • Low Profile Bar Type Inside Antenna with 14 feet of RG174 Cable
  • DC Power Supply (cigarette-lighter style plug)

The 4G-X kit is the original 4G-X kit. It is great for many different applications. Because it has the mini-magnetic mount outside antenna, you will need to place the antenna on a metal surface. This metal surface acts as a grounding plane which provides reflective properties for the antenna to work properly. Without the metal surface, you will not get performance out of the antenna. If you use this on a car, then you have the metal roof to provide the grounding plane. If you are in a RV, then you likely do not have a metal roof. This is where you would need to install a minimum of an 8 inch by 8 inch metal grounding plane. I recommend using a 22 gauge galvanized metal plate, but you can certainly use a thinner piece of metal if you like. How you install the metal plate is up to you; most people use some form of epoxy or even high strength double side tape designed for outdoor use. I am not crazy about drilling holes in my RV, so I temporarily install my metal grounding plane. I use the TechnoRV Antenna Suction Cup Mount. With this mount, I put a 1 inch by 5 foot, schedule 40 PVC pole in the mount, and then use the TechnoRV grounding plane that is designed to go on top of the PVC pole. This gets you some extra height on the antenna and works great. The grounding plane is 8 inches by 10 inches. The

reason for the 2 extra inches is because of the hole in the plate for the PVC pole. This way you still get a full 8 inch by 8 inch plate. Once I place the Suction Cup Antenna Mount with the grounding plane on my RV, then I just place the antenna in the center of the grounding plane and run the antenna cable in through my RV slide gasket. For most RVs, when the slide is all the way out it creates a great seal, but if you move the slide in 4-6 inches it will create an opening in the gasket for you to push a cable inside. Then, once the cable is in, you just push the slide back out to create the seal again.

Here are some scenarios for this kit:

5th wheel or travel trailer – This kit can easily be used in your pulling vehicle and then transition to your RV.  Since your pulling vehicle has a metal roof then you have the grounding plane covered. Then you simply run the cable from the outside antenna inside the car and connect it to the 4G-X amplifier. Then you will have the low profile inside antenna to rebroadcast the boosted signal inside of your truck. Since the kit comes with the 12 volt power supply you can just plug into your cigarette style 12 volt power port. Now, if you want to transition this kit to your RV when you arrive at your overnight spot, you can move the entire kit to the RV, or you can buy some additional accessories so you only have to move the 4G-X amplifier. If you add an additional magnetic antenna for the outside, and for the inside of the RV I would recommend adding the WeBoost desktop antenna. You can also add an AC power supply. If you buy the extra components then you can easily transition from truck to RV.

Class A, B, or C motorhome – This kit will work nicely with a Class A, B, or C as well. Again, this is about the installation of the outside antenna and what makes sense for you. With one of these class of RVs you will put the magnetic mount antenna on a grounding plane, and then the low profile antenna will be inside of your RV. What I recommend for this situation is to add the desktop antenna to the kit; these tend to create a bigger boosted zone. Also, if it makes sense for you, add the AC power supply. Now, you can transition this kit to your tow car when needed because you can use the low profile antenna that comes in the kit in the tow vehicle, and use the desktop antenna inside of your RV.

WeBoost 4G-X OTR Kit

  • 4G-X Amplifier
  • 24 inch Outside Omni-directional Trucker Antenna with 14 feet of RG58 Cable
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Low Profile Bar Type Inside Antenna with 14 feet of RG174 Cable
  •  DC Power Supply (cigarette lighter style plug)

With the 4G-X OTR kit, you are getting the trucker style antenna instead of the mini magnetic mount antenna that comes with the standard 4G-X kit. The specs on these antennas are the same. You are not getting any more power from the OTR antenna than you are with the mini magnetic antenna. Some claim to have better experiences, and this could be due to the added height, but remember, with the TechnoRV Suction Cup Mount combined with the mini magnetic antenna, you can get the antenna even higher than the trucker antenna. With that said, you could also mount the trucker antenna on a PVC pole and use the suction cup mount as well. You can certainly have different scenarios that the OTR antenna would work great. RVers, be careful though; if you permanently mount the OTR antenna to your RV, be sure to measure the height so you know if this is your new high point on the RV. The OTR Antenna that comes in the kit is 24 inches. There is a separate OTR Trucker Antenna that is 18 inches and has a spring on it in case you hit a tree limb, and you can always add that to the kit.  You don’t want to get surprised when you go into a low tunnel! You can also customize this kit just like you can the standard 4G-X kit.  So if you want to have the OTR antenna on your RV and then have a mini magnetic mount antenna for your car, then you can easily add that. I would recommend adding the desktop inside antenna for the inside of your RV as well.

WeBoost 4G-X RV

  • 4G-X Amplifier
  • Omni-directional Outside RV Antenna with 20 feet of RG6 Cable
  • Mounting Bracket for Outside Antenna
  • Desktop Antenna for the Inside with 13 feet of RG58 Cable
  • AC Power Supply
  • Fused 12V Hard-wired Power Supply
  • Cable Entry Cover (Used if you are drilling a hole in your RV to install)

This is the newest kit for weBoost as of 4/17/17. This kit was specifically designed with RVers in mind, but you will still need to determine which configuration is best for you. The omni-directional antenna is much shorter than the OTR trucker antenna. You can attach it to your ladder rack, a PVC pole, or mount it on your roof. Again, the TechnoRV Antenna Suction Cup Mount is a great solution for this antenna. I like that this kit comes with an AC and DC power supply. It seems that most people that purchase the regular 4G-X kit also purchase a AC power supply, so with the 4G-X RV kit, you get both power supplies. I also like that this kit comes with the inside Desktop Antenna. I almost always recommend the Desktop Antenna inside of a RV and the low profile flat inside antenna for a truck or car. The RV kit also comes with mounting hardware, and even a cable entry cover if you decide to drill a hole in your RV to get the cable in. Again, I am not crazy about drilling holes, so as I stated before, I run the cable through a slide gasket.

This RV kit comes with most of what an RVer would need, and then it is just a matter of adding to the system to accommodate your tow car or pulling vehicle.

The best place to order a weBoost cellular boosting kit is from TechnoRV at TechnoRV not only carries the full line of weBoost products, but they also carry the accessories to these kits. Above all, TechnoRV is known for its outstanding customer service, and if you have any questions about which kit would be best for you then they would be glad to help. WeBoost has a minimum pricing structure for its sellers, so everyone sells these kits at the same price. You might as well buy it from the company that will be there when you need them, before, during, and after the purchase. TechnoRV does not sell weBoost on Amazon, or any other 3rd party platform, so be sure to go to for the best service.