The GiveBack Tour 2012–Amarillo, TX

weBoost | September 25, 2012

The next stop on the GiveBack Tour was Amarillo TX!

There the Wilson traveling duo met with officials Kevin, Ted, and James who work for the City of Amarillo and manage the E.O.C. (Emergency Operations Center).

The E.O.C is used in times of disaster or crisis. Community Leaders show up and manage the disaster teams (fire, police, etc.) and make decisions on how to best help and serve the city. They do this from a central location at their headquarters building in downtown Amarillo. The mobile command center is just what it sounds like– is a mobile version of the E.O.C! This comes in handy because officials can drive the mobile E.O.C to wherever it is needed. In the face of a disaster, the mobile E.O.C quickly becomes the new headquarters.

Before Wilson stopped by, the E.O.C was equipped only with radios to communicate with all of the departments/teams that are vital in a crisis. Now, the E.O.C also has the Dual Band Mobile Wireless booster in the Mobile Command Center, and Sleeks in some of their smaller vehicles like a mobile response SUV. The boosters make it possible for officials James, Ted, and Kevin to stay better connected in the face of a crisis.

To learn more about the E.O.C, check out this video–

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