The GiveBack Tour 2012–Ennis, TX

weBoost | October 2, 2012

In Ennis, TX our Wilson team met with the Ennis Fire Department, as well as the Ennis volunteer fire department. While there, the boys met with Chief Jeff Aycock, (Ennis Fire Dept) Ken Isom, (Ennis Volunteer Fire Department) and the fire crew that was on shift at the time. They were very excited to meet the Wilson team!

Chief Jeff Aycock and Ken Isom were very thankful for the Giveback Tour and that they were selected as winners because they understood how Wilson cell phone signal boosters could help them in their jobs to serve the people of Ennis. They were excited to see how Wilson products could augment and fill in the gaps of when experiencing less than desirable cell phone signal.

As part of the visit to Ennis, our team installed a Dual Band Mobile Wireless in Chief Aycock’s first responder vehicle.

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