The GiveBack Tour 2012–Flagstaff, AZ

weBoost | September 21, 2012

This week our traveling Wilson duo hit the road for the Wilson Electronics and Urgent Communications GiveBack Tour! Their first stop? Flagstaff Arizona! There they met local installer of Celestial Satellites, Ward Bailey. Bailey travels all around Coconino County (sometimes for up to 2-3 hours!) installing Wilson products and satellites. Bailey won a Sleek, a Dual Band Mobile Wireless, a t-shirt and a swag bag for nominating his local first responders in our GiveBack Tour Giveaway.

Wilson also met with Coconino County Search & Rescue’s Tom Florman. Because of the nature of his job at the Search and Rescue Department, Florman was excited to install the new cell phone signal boosters in his department’s patrol cars! As the second largest county in the US, (number one is Santa Barbara), one of their main concerns is covering all their area efficiently and effectively. In rural parts of Coconino County where cell service is weak, officers aren’t able to radio back to base when they need something. They are then forced to make the long trek back. Having a Wilson boosters installed in their vehicles will make their jobs a little easier, save time, and may even save lives. Florman won 2 Dual Band Mobile Wirelesses, a Sleek, 2 shirts and 2 swag bags!

Keep following our blog as we continue to travel throughout the Midwest in our GiveBack Tour. Next stop? Amarillo Texas!To see more pictures, visit our Facebook page. You can also tweet with us in real time as we are on the road for chances to win cool prizes!