The GiveBack Tour 2012–Welcome Home, AR

weBoost | October 16, 2012

The next stop on the Wilson Electronics and Urgent Communications GiveBack Tour 2012 was Welcome Home, AR! While there, the Wilson team had the pleasure of meeting with Welcome Home fire fighters Tim Harness, Chief Ron Housely, and Matt Harness.

What’s cool about the Welcome Home fire department? It is completely volunteer! This means that the way the fire department works is a “first in, first out” fashion. Since all the fire fighters are volunteers, and no one is stationed at the fire station, it takes time for the fire fighters to respond and get the fire vehicles to the location. The way it works is the first person to show up at the fire station takes vehicle #1 and heads out to the fire, then the second person to show up takes vehicle #2 and heads out. This process continues until all units are dispatched. Because of this, it is very likely that one person could be out by themselves on a call with potentially no communications. The Ozarks are a bunch of rolling hills and when you are down in the valleys between these hills, signal for cell phones and even radios is scarce. That is where Wilson boosters will come in handy for the folks in Welcome Home. The boosters will really help them stay connected. As Ron Housely put it, “It can be very terrifying when you are out there by yourself and can’t contact anyone on your phone or radio.”