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The weBoost vision: Seize the Bar

Posted on 9/3/2015 by Nicholas Jones

Here at weBoost, we have a rich heritage of helping people to better communicate. Starting way back in the 1960s, our founder Jim Wilson made his debut into the world of telecommunications with HAM radio, and Wilson Electronics was born.

Throughout the years, we’ve helped our customers stay connected. First with CB antennas, and now with our cell phone signal boosters. Even though we’re now known by a different name, Wilson Electronics and weBoost are one and the same. WeBoost is powered by Wilson. We still stand for what we’ve always stood for: we think poor cell reception is a problem that no one should have to live with. We have found the solution, and we want to share it with the world.

These days with smartphones and tablets, we live completely mobile lives. Our smartphones are filled with such amazing technology, it’s practically like having a computer in your pocket that’s with you wherever you go.

But no matter how much your smartphone can do, it’s rendered almost completely useless without a reliable cell phone signal. Dropped calls, slow data, and sluggish service are frustrating, and they’re problems that plague us all. Everyone knows what it’s like to have a call cut out or miss a text message because of a lack of signal.

We convince ourselves that there’s nothing we can do, but we know better now. There IS something we can do. We can take control of our signal and put the power back into our own hands. We have a name for this vision, and we call it “Seize the Bar.”

Seize the Bar is about taking back what’s ours. We believe everyone deserves the right to use the technology they’ve invested in whenever they need it or want it. We’re helping people seize the bar. That’s why we’ve partnered with YouTube sensation Grant Thompson, the King of Random.

Grant believes in our vision, and wants to help spread the word. That’s why he created “10 Cell Phone Life Hacks, For Better Reception”. Check it out here, and take a behind-the-scenes look below at Grant’s visit to weBoost’s headquarters in August where he learned the science behind cell phone boosters.

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