Best Cell Phone Signal Booster for a Trailer Home?

weBoost | October 8, 2013

Last Tuesday we published this month’s special Tech Tip blog post. However, in honor of “Tech Tip Tuesday” being today, we also wanted to take a look at a common technical question we see a lot here at the Wilson Electronics Technical Support. Got a question you want to see featured on our blog? Just let us know by leaving us a comment below, or letting us know on Facebook/Twitter.

Take a look below at this question from a Wilson customer–

I have been with my current wireless provider for many years, but this year their network has been very unreliable. I think that purchasing a cell phone signal booster would be cheaper than switching providers and buying all new phones.

Your product seems to be very highly rated by users, so I am wondering which cell phone signal booster you would recommend for the following situations, and what type of range could I expect from the device in each situation?

I am looking for a wireless solution for a double wide home, and a one story home. Each location has an outside signal level of about two to three bars, and the same level indications appear indoors, but calls either don’t go through or drop frequently.

See the response from our Technical Support department below–

For both locations, we recommend our DB Pro (Kit number 841263). One of the nice things about this booster is the performance you get for the price. This unit is rated to cover up to 5,000 square feet, but generally covers around 2,000-3,000. This less than optimal coverage can occur if you have a weaker outside signal. The system can enhance voice and 3G data for all major carriers.

The DB Pro kit includes the Wide-Band directional antenna, the DB Pro booster, inside panel antenna, and RG-6 coax cable (50 foot, 30 foot, and 20 foot cable lengths are included).

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