Tuesday's Technical Question

weBoost | November 19, 2013

It’s Tech Tuesday time! Before you read today’s post, make sure and check out last week’s post here if you haven’t seen it yet. This week’s technical post is a question we get asked a lot, so it very well may help you! See it below–

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Q: I am interested in using a Wilson system to cover my large warehouse/building.  What are some guidelines you can offer?

A:      It is a wonderful choice to use a Wilson system for coverage.  One nice thing about our in-building products is the many possibilities for upgrading the system to cover more square footage.

When determining what products to use, the most important first step is getting an accurate site survey.  Some of the information important to gather for this survey would be:

-signal readings for all carriers -square footage of the building, along with priority areas -construction materials of the building

With the information from your site survey, the next step is to choose an amplifier.  Do you need only voice?  4G?  3G?  Is your outside signal strength adequate for boosting?  For advice, feel free to call Tech Support for product recommendation.  However, typically, choosing a booster is a matter of deselecting until you find the best booster for your needs. With a proper setup system, an antenna can cover 5,000 square feet (of open air space).  As you are running cable, and splitters/taps/antennas – we have inline boosters (806215/806715) to compensate for signal loss. Alternatively, if you have a proper site survey, Wilson does offer a free service, to give a building recommendation.  Please note, that these typically take 3-5 business days.  They include three things: a diagram detailing approximate antenna placement, a diagram showing how your Wilson equipment is connected, and a parts list – showing what needs to be purchased.  All we require is the site survey filled out on a form we can send you, and a floor plan.  Please email tech support at [email protected] or call them at 866-294-1660 for more questions.

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