Tuesday's Technical Question

weBoost | November 26, 2013

Happy Tuesday! How is your week going? Are you excited for Thanksgiving and the long holiday weekend that follows? We are! Make sure and check out last week’s Tech Tip post here if you haven’t seen it yet. This week we’re talking about simultaneous connections. See more below–

Q: I am considering installing a Wilson 4G booster because cell reception in my office building is terrible for all carriers. There are about 30 people on my floor. How many simultaneous connections can a booster support?

A: Wilson does not limit the number of simultaneous connections a booster can support. So there is no artificial cap on the number of connections. However, there are factors that affect the number of cellular devices that can operate simultaneously.First, strength of the signal outside the building; the stronger the signal outside, the more devices inside can be supported simultaneously. Second, the output power of the booster unit; a booster with higher output power can support more simultaneous connections.

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