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Wilson Electronics Announces Two of its Most Powerful Vehicular Cellular Signal Boosters – The Drive Reach OTR and Drive Reach RV

Posted on 11/11/2020 by Izzy Jack

Boosters Combine the Company’s Most Robust Automobile Booster and Most Popular Antenna for Top Performance and Reliability

SALT LAKE CITY – November 11, 2020 — Wilson Electronics, the industry leader in cellular signal booster technology, today announced the launch of the Drive Reach OTR and the Drive Reach RV, two of its most powerful, in-vehicle cellular signal boosters designed to provide strong cellular connectivity in cars, trucks, RVs and off-road vehicles. Compatible with all mobile devices and wireless carriers in North America, the boosters allow users to enjoy optimal call quality, fewer dead zones and faster data upload/download speeds while on and off the road.

More powerful than previous models, the Drive Reach OTR and Drive Reach RV allow car, truck, RV and off-road vehicle drivers to enjoy strong cell phone signal up to 74% further away from a cell tower. The Drive Reach OTR and Drive Reach RV boast uplink output power capabilities of 29.5 dBm and 50 dB gain – the maximum allowable gain under Federal Communications Commission (FCC) standards. Their versatile, powerful antennas provide new height configurations that weren’t possible in previous antenna models, enabling the boosters to avoid many common cell signal barriers found at lower levels. Together, this provides a huge improvement in cellular connectivity and speed across all wireless carriers, giving drivers peace of mind wherever the road takes them.

“The current pandemic has boosted people’s interest in vehicular adventures, from road trips and RV journeys to off-roading and overlanding. As a result, staying connected and safe on the road is more crucial than ever before,” said Wilson Electronics’ CEO Bruce Lancaster. “Recognizing this need, we created the Drive Reach RV and the Drive Reach OTR, which combine our most powerful vehicular booster – the Drive Reach – with our most popular antennas, resulting in two of the top-performing cellular signal amplifiers on the market.”

Out of the box, the Drive Reach OTR and Drive Reach RV feature everything needed for easy, do-it-yourself installation, including:

  • Drive Reach cell signal booster
  • In-vehicle antenna
  • Outside antennas: The Drive Reach OTR comes with the Drive OTR Antenna, and the Drive Reach RV comes with the Drive RV Antenna
  • Versatile mounting plate
  • SMB connectors
  • Power supply, including an extra port with rapid charging capabilities

How it works

The powerful exterior antenna reaches out to cell phone towers to receive a signal. The antenna then transmits this signal to the Drive Reach OTR or Drive Reach RV booster. The booster receives this outside signal, combining and amplifying each of the supported frequency bands throughout the vehicle and back to the cell phone towers using a series of sophisticated low noise amplifiers and filters. The device then uses this stronger signal to provide reliable calls and data as the phone signal is transmitted back through the booster to the cellular network.

Certified by the FCC, the Drive Reach OTR and Drive Reach RV are available for purchase now online at weBoost.com or through authorized resellers for $499.99. All boosters feature a two-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

For more information, please visit www.weboost.com or follow weBoost using @weBoost on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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