Verizon Partnership Announcement

Nicholas Jones | May 17, 2016

Author: Tom Lerner, Wilson Electronics

We at Wilson Electronics have long believed that signal boosters are the key to extending the last mile of carriers’ networks. We connect people to their families, their friends, and their businesses. We build relationships. Not everyone gets this, but Verizon does. That’s why today we are proud to announce Wilson Electronics’ acceptance into the Verizon partner program, a milestone in our growth in the industry.

As part of this program, Wilson Electronics is now approved across several channels: Verizon Business, Government and Enterprise. We will now share leads with eachother, benefiting both of our companies in the effort to bring people together through better signal. What does this mean for us? It means we have the opportunity to improve business operations for countless Verizon customers and the joy of fulfilling our belief on a scale much larger than before. It means better signal, for more people, starting now.

Verizon gets it. They know signal boosters are a practical solution to a problem. As we continue to deliver the best products in our industry, and as carriers continue to recognize the value provided by our last-mile boosters, we think others will too.