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Nicholas Jones | January 11, 2016

weBoost launches the new eqo booster at CES 2016


Last week at CES we got to visit the weBoost booth and check out their latest booster, the weBoost eqo, in person.

weBoost (formerly Wilson Electronics) had a really great set up this year. They brought a 1-ton Faraday cage down with them from St George!


We’ve talked about Faraday cages here on the blog before. Basically, a Faraday cage is a wire mesh that blocks electromagnetic fields and frequency waves, preventing cell signal reaching the inside of the cage. Some modern construction methods involving wire frames, concrete, or steel can unintentionally cause a Faraday cage effect inside buildings. Having talked about this so much, it was great to have a chance to see it in person!

The cage had a weBoost eqo booster kit set up inside it. We entered the cage, shut the door, and watched as our cell phone signal quickly dropped to zero.

The eqo unit was then switched on and within seconds we were back to full bars.

The eqo unit is a really exciting new product. It’s the first plug-and-play booster that does not require an exterior antenna. The eqo has two parts that can be set up in under a minute – a signal booster, and an antenna to send that signal throughout the home. You just need to place the eqo Booster in an area where signal is available, plug it into an electrical outlet and connect the antenna, then watch the signal improve.

The eqo is ideal for people in apartments, campus accommodation, or rentals that don’t have access to the roof or can’t mount an external antenna. It will cover areas up to 1,200 square feet (i.e. 1-2 rooms). It boosts signal for 3G/4G/LTE across all US and Canadian carriers. It’s also a really stylish design – small, black, and sleek.

The weBoost eqo will go on sale in March 2016 and retail at $349.99.