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weBoost Shines in Gift Guides

Emily Fisher | December 18, 2017

During the last two months, weBoost products have made multiple appearances in Gift Guides across the internet. These include features in several notable publications including Scientific American, UPROXX and TechRepublic.

Here are some highlights from the gift guides:

The Gift Guide For Travelers And Adventurers – 2017 Edition

If you know an avid road tripper or camper prone to finding themselves in off-the-beaten path places with limited cell phone service, check out the WeBoost Drive Sleek. It can improve 4G LTE and 3G cellular signals by up to 32x, which means better call quality, fewer dead zones, and faster data speeds while on the road.”

Scientific American’s 2017 Gadget Guide

“Cell phone signals can be infuriatingly weak at the most inconvenient times, prompting callers to stall the person on the other end of the line by repeating the familiar, “Can you hear me now?” as they hustle through their home or office in search of someplace with a strong enough signal to hold their conversation. There is no shortage of good cell-signal boosters on the market, but one of note is weBoost’s Drive 4G-X RV, launched in April and targeting the fast-growing recreational vehicle and motor home market.”

Best Tech Gifts for Adults and Teens

“The Drive Sleek 4G cradle cellular signal booster for vehicles can increase cellular coverage by up to 32 times. It provides faster data speeds, clearer calls and better battery life in weak-signal areas.”

The 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers, RVers & Vanlifers

“We traveled for years without one of these handy little devices, and never knew exactly what we were missing. We’d often give up some of the most beautiful camping spots in North America come Monday morning because, well, no cell service. Ever since WeBoost hooked us up with their Drive Sleek cell phone booster, the opportunities to snag an extra bar or two–or find service where there was no signal before–have opened our world up!”

Top 10 Gifts for RV Life – Drivin & Vibin

“The WeBoost cell booster completely changed our life on the road. We’ve been able to increase one bar of unusable cell signal to a full signal that allows us to stream Netflix. The Drive Sleek is an affordable option that requires no permanent installation.”